Today Choghadiya 11 January 2021- Aaj Ka Choghadiya


Today Choghadiya 11 January 2021- According to astrologers, it is best to work by looking at the Choghadiya Muhurta, what is the Choghadiya of today, as well as information about what will be the auspicious and inauspicious time of today.

There are two parts of a year which are called Uttararayana and Dakshinayan. Similarly, there are two sides in a month, one is Krishna Paksha and the other is Shukla Paksha. Similarly, there are two parts of a day, today and the other night!

Today Choghadiya

The time between sunrise and sunset is called Choghadiya of the day and the time between sunset and sunrise till the next day is called Choghadiya of night as every day has some time period good and some time period is bad and each The auspicious and inauspicious Muhurat of the day is shown in the Choghadiya table.

So let’s see the Today Choghadiya 11 January 2021 & join us our Facebook Page and Telegram Channel for daily Choghadiya.

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Today Choghadiya Table
New Delhi
Sun Rise 7:15:0
Sun Set 17:42:29
Moon Rise 5:17:56
MoonSet 15:50:7
Tithi Krishna Chaturdashi
Nakshatra Mool
Karana Vishti
Paksha Krishna-Paksha
Yoga Dhruv till 29:37:16
Day Monday

Choghadiya 11 January 2021- Day

Shubh 07:02:16 – 08:20:45
Rog 08:20:45 – 09:39:13
Udveg 09:39:13 – 10:57:42
Char 10:57:42 – 12:16:10
Labh 12:16:10 – 13:34:38
Amrit 13:34:38 – 14:53:07
Kaal 14:53:07 – 16:11:35
Shubh 16:11:35 – 17:30:04

Choghadiya 11 January 2021- Night

Amrit 17:30:04 – 19:11:35
Char 19:11:35 – 20:53:07
Rog 20:53:07 – 22:34:38
Kaal 22:34:38 – 24:16:10
Labh 24:16:10 – 25:57:42
Udveg 25:57:42 – 27:39:13
Shubh 27:39:13 – 29:20:45
Amrit 29:20:45 – 07:02:16

Aaj Ka Choghadiya 11 January 2021

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